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Dynamo is a legendary bar in Turku, which has been the subject of demolition disputes for years. Whenever the matter arises in discussions, there's a buzz in Turku. The place is such an important part of the city's culture that there have been multiple uprisings against its demolition plans. If the 'Turku disease' were to strike Dynamo, it would be a great loss for the city's residents. Last summer, the city's plans to demolish Dynamo once again became a topic of discussion.
How to highlight the value of Dynamo to those who can't see the cultural value of the property?


The true value of Dynamo lies not in its physical structure, but in the rich tapestry of personal, emotional connections and memories it has fostered, especially through romantic stories.


Dynamo Love Stories - a website where anyone can leave their own story. The site is dedicated to collecting the legacy of Dynamo and also serves as a statement against the actions of the City of Turku. We also created a promotional video that directs people to visit the site and share their stories. In addition, we established an Instagram page where these stories are shared, and also we spread posters and stickers with QR-codes directring to the website around Turku. The entire initiative works as a straightforward campaign to highlight the cultural significance of Dynamo.

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Posters and stickers

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