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A-lehdet carried out a study together with Frankly partners to find out how Finnish women perceive the prevailing representation of women in the Finnish society and media.
The message of the research results was clear: the current representation of women has fallen behind of what women truly are, and the narrow view of femininity causes pressure and insecurity: a woman is always too much or too little.
Fewer than one in three respondents say that they fit into the traditional image of femininity. Most women think that the current image for a woman is so restrictive that they themselves do not fit into it. Nine out of ten respondents report experiencing internal pressure to conform to the role of a woman.
The media has a great responsibility in representation. The narrowness of the imagery and topics in traditional women's magazines is one of the factors that has led to the current struggles. A-lehdet responded to the problem by creating a new media.
If you don't fit the picture, create a new one.

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In the creative implementation, we concretize the image of a woman. We visualize how you can try to fit into the mold, but don't need to.

In the concept, we transformed three Finnish women to resemble the representation by incorporating the traits that emerged in the research.

We used OpenAI as a tool for visualization since the data was a direct proof of the existence of sexism.

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