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There once was a time when dads were cool.
That ended when their closets were looted by their kids.

It's time to repay the dads on father's day:

Let's get them something cool.

Just so that we can steal it back for ourselves.


This was a small budget project for a local 2nd hand shop. Considering the company's target group and budget, I felt like Instagram was the correct media selection for this campaign.

I created a 25 second video that was advertised on Instagram Reels. For stories, I created a series of still photos. The viewers saw different variations of the images multiple times. I also created an interactive ad on Instagram story where you could react positively to a funny question. I created one more still image to be displayed on Instagram feed, that was targeted for a different group than the other ads.

I also designed the shop's window for Father's Day week.

The campaign was very successful and Father's Day weekend had the best turnout yet.


''Funny, insightful and dad-worthy. Ecological sustainability and selfishness have been ingeniously intertwined in this work.''
-Grafia's judges' comments, silver in young creatives

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