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The City of Helsinki offers a wide range of activities for young people during school holidays. However, there is a lack of awareness about these fun and engaging opportunities. How to communicate effectively about these activities in a way that resonates with teens.


Teens want to be in charge of their free time. Whether you're a teen now or were one decades ago, you likely remember voicing ‘I'm bored’ around your parents, and then ending up with chores to do. There’s nothing worse than spending the summer doing housework.


Find something to do before someone else does.


We dramatized the suffering of teens burdened with housework during their free time, emphasizing the frustration of wasting precious moments on chores. Then we introduced a solution to the pain: the activities the city offers. The campaign targeted teens and their parents in Helsinki through out-of-home advertisements and social media.

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In a city with approximately 37,600 teenagers, our campaign website received 71,285 visits from teens and their parents during the campaign. This represents a 60.4% increase in visits compared to our previous campaign, which had the same budget but a different creative concept. The website served as a hub for information on all available activities, resulting in excellent turnout, with nearly all activities being fully booked. Additionally, our DOOH impressions reached 2,288,456, which is 50% more than the reserved impressions.

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